The Snežana and Oliver Čikoš household

Eco bungalows of the Čikoš family are built out of natural materials, mud and straw, according to the traditional building principles of Serbia. They are ideal for people with the flare for more adventurous side of life, who love nature and want to experience it in a completely different ambiance. The bungalows consist of two rooms, one room holds four beds with an added spare bed and a small kitchen and bathroom, while the other room contains two beds and a bathroom supplied with fresh water from a nearby natural spring. Oliver and Sneža always have a smile on their faces, welcome everyone with open arms and are more than happy to assist you with anything you need and to make sure that your stay here remains a beautiful memory that you will cherish forever.


The Jovana and Miloš Jovanović household

Jovana and Miloš are a young couple that moved to Serbia from France with the intention of rebuilding a family home {and adapting it to be more suitable for renting}, growing raspberries and spending the rest of their lives in peace and serenity that this beautiful little village offers in abundance. The house itself is large, consisting of two floors and contains a modern and well-equipped kitchen, living room and a dining room available to all guests. The bathroom is located on the ground level, it is small and clean and its renovation is planned in the near future. The two guest rooms are located on the second floor of the house, one room holds two beds, while the other room holds one. The rooms are modestly equipped. The house also has a large balcony to which both of the rooms have access to. The house is beautiful, large and spacious and has a vast yard for all of the guests to enjoy.


The Snežana and Joca Nikolić household

The Nikolić family is the perfect example of a household where three generations have successfully kept and maintained the traditional family values and the way of life of an average Serbian farmer. The primary source of income for the Nikolić family is agriculture, primarily livestock keeping and manufacturing of cheese, but they also grow various types of vegetables, according to the principles of ecological farming. The first floor of the family house is built for renting. It contains two rooms with three beds each and the third room which holds two beds. The small but functional bathroom is located on the second floor.


The Miladinka and Vukota Ranđelović household

When you first enter the home of the Ranđelović family, at the door you will be greeted by the affectionate faces of Vukota and his wife Miladinka, and after you meet them, you will be struck with the overwhelming feeling of visiting your grandparents in the countryside. During your stay with the Ranđelović family, you will feel like you are a part of the family and you will be treated in as such. The second floor of the house is built and outfitted for renting. The house has two rental units, one consisting of a king size bed and a crib, while the other has two separate beds. The bathroom is shared between the two rooms and is clean and modestly equipped, located at the ground level of the house. The second floor of the house also has a balcony which offers a beautiful view to the west, and a sunset that will take your breath away.


The Saška and Igor Radisavljević family household

The home of the Radisavljević family is a place where you will find four generations of people and see and feel the long kept tradition and dine in a room that is only open during special occasions, eat homemade delicacies and be a part of an everyday village family. The Radisavljević family currently offers a single rental unit with a king size bed on the second floor of the house and a bathroom that is shared with the family and is located on the ground level of the house. The bathroom is modestly equipped, clean and functional.