Franziska’s testimonial

For me it was my first travel to the Balkan and I was very excited about it all.

Thanks to the good logistic planning and the helpfulness of the organizers I was able to reach Vrmdza with them at noon on October 17 th. In the following days I could enjoy to connect with all these interesting women farmers from different countries. I learned a lot about the WWOOF organization, business planning and reasonable marketing strategies for small scale organic farmers. I could take home with me a lot of inspiration, tools to improve my business and nice memories and contacts.

The way our board and lodging worked in Vrmdza was very unique and comfortable. So many local people and locations were woven into our gathering’s timetable – this way we had many impressions of the whole village and atmosphere! Although our workshops and work sessions were intense we still found time to enjoy the sunny autumn days, the landscape and the traditional meals!

I am very thankful for the whole experience and have big respect for the professional organization behind the scenes! Thank you for the heartwarming experience! I was happy to be part of it and I am curious to hear more about the growing movement of organic farming in Central Europe.

Keep up the good work!

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