CEWFG 2017 just finished

“We feed the World!” is the message of just finished Central European Gathering of Women Farmers (CEWFG) 2017 held in Serbia.

17 women farmers from central Europe met for 3 days to share and learn from each other: 17 farms were presented in details, 16 farm business models were defined and improved with future development opportunities. Participants were encouraged to look their position in the EU agriculture map from a different perspective then personal: They were presented to the environmental and political perspective of their work. During the event, they realized that by doing organic farming not only that they “feed the World” but they also contribute to nature protection, as well as to the people’s empowerment and rural development.

More than 50 percent of the food grown worldwide is produced by women and less than 20 percent of landholders are women. Women farmers have limited access to inputs, seeds, credits, climate-smart technologies or finance. As rural women, they are exponentially more vulnerable and marginalized: Their work continues to be made invisible: Their care work is neither valued, supported, nor collectively or socially assumed, thereby increasing women’s burden of work and restricting full participation. Nature and agriculture continue to be commercialized and the uncontrolled extraction of all types of resources, more women are involved in organic agriculture then men, due to their nurturing nature.

CEWFG 2017 was organized in the village Vrmdža, south-east of Serbia. It engaged the local community that hosted our participants with the accommodation and amazing local home-made food. Women from Vrmdža got the opportunity to meet rural women from central Europe. Products (food and artisan), seeds and recipes were shared among Serbia, Italy, Austria, Montenegro, Bosnia, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Romania.

The second Central European Women Farmer Gathering took place in October, 18-20th 2017. The event is organized by non-profit civil organization from Serbia “Ama – Centre for the Care of People and Nature“ with the support of the Central European Initiative. Other partners were Rural Hub (Vrmdža), Superior Seeds (Velika Plana) and the Federation of WWOOF Organisations (UK).

A short video on the event is coming soon.

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